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What is the Butt Baby-Seat?

● The Butt Baby is a seat for your baby.

● It is a simple baby carrier with just one strap that wraps around your waist and sits above your hips, to help you carry your baby more comfortably.

● The Butt Baby seat gives the toddlers who have just begun walking, the liberty to get on and off at their will without restricting their freedom.

● Its a Baby Carrier that is also a Diaper bag and convertible to a sling when not in use.

Is there an age or weight limit for The Butt Baby-Seat?

● The Butt Baby Seat is the only carrier that can be used for a wide age bracket.

● It can be used from 5 Months to 4 years of age / upto 18 kgs.

It is a premium baby carrier that is made from top of the line raw materials and can be used for a long time.

Why is The Butt Baby an Investment?

● The current existing baby carriers in the Indian Market are just for Infants, who fall into the bracket of 0-6 months.

● There is nothing available which caters to toddlers, who fall in the age bracket of above 6 months. The children in this bracket have just started crawling and exploring standing on their feet, they can walk on and off but majorly need to be carried because they are in the developing stage.

● They are growing each day and also get heavy, hence making it difficult for parents and caregivers to carry them.

● Parents who take their child out to the park, grocery runs, shopping malls and also travelling, definitely get a lot of pain in their back, arms and neck due to which they resort to bad posture while carrying, causing irreversible harm to their health.

● Parents also have their hands full, they carry a big Diaper bag with the child's essentials, carry the child and have a lot on their plate which needs a solution.

● Here comes the Butt Baby seat, one solution for all your problems.

● The Butt Baby seat is scientifically designed to put your baby’s hips in the recommended M-shaped position while taking the strain off of your back, arms, and hips.

● So, no more backaches and full feeling arms just a happy baby and happy you!

● It’s also ergonomically designed to store essential items like diapers, wipes, extra pair of clothing and a lot more.

● It comes with a wallet holder, and a place for your phone and keys.

● It also has a toy loop and a bottle holder.

● While not in use the Butt Baby-Seat can be folded into a sling bag or fanny pack and be carried around with ease.

● The Butt Baby-Seat also has a re-usable shopping bag inside, stash in stuff and go hands free!

Why should you not buy any other cheaper hip seats available online?

● We are owned and operated by Parents first, entrepreneurs second who believe, you get what you pay for, and that your baby and you deserve only the best!

● We have taken care of the smallest details because we as parents have first hand experience of what is needed and what it takes to carry your little one comfortably.

● We are a proudly Made in India brand, with an 100% inhouse manufacturing set-up.

● The Butt Baby is a premium baby carrier, made from the top notch raw materials and is designed to last.

● We Provide a fantastic customer support service and after sale service for all our customers.

● We have a stellar record of 4.9* Google rating tells us how much the parent community loves and appreciates the Butt Baby seat.

● Already made lives easy for more than 12,000+ Parents in the last 1 year.

How to carry The Butt Baby Seat when not in use?

● Its a baby carrier that you don't have to carry.

● The Butt Baby-Seat is designed with a lot of thinking, and when not in use it can be easily folded and converted to a sling bag or a fanny pack- so hands free.

● The folded Butt Baby-Seat can also be stashed inside the shopping bag which is provided inside.

Will the Butt Baby Seat Fit me or Do I need an Extender  ?

● The Length of the Butt Baby waist Band is 47 inches and we recommend our Seat for all those with a waist of 42 inch or below in circumference.

● If you need extra coverage, the Butt Baby Extender will add another 24 inches to the existing Butt Baby Seat. It provides superb coverage for all those Happy plus size people.

● The Extenders can also be purchased separately later and are non-returnable.

Is it machine washable?

● We always suggest spot cleaning and washing only when you really need to, keeping in mind the longevity of the product.

● Hand-wash separately with cold water.

● Use a mild detergent/soap.

● Do not use softeners, whiteners, bleach or harsh chemicals.

● Do not iron on the padded straps and belts.

What are the different carry positions ?

● You can use the Butt Baby-Seat in 5 different carry positions.

● Remember to wear it high and tight, above your waist for the most comfortable fit

Is Butt Baby Seat approved and recommended by doctors?

● Yes, the Butt Baby-Seat is approved by Paediatricians and orthopaedists.

● They recommend using it for its multiple benefits in baby wearing and toddler carrying.

● To state a few the Butt baby-Seat puts the child’s hips in the proper “M” shaped position which is a natural clinging position for infants with thighs supported, also known as the “Spread Squat Position”. Sitting with this alignment decreases the risk of hip dysplasia.

As a result, Butt Baby-Seat is an anatomically safe product for babies’ bodies

Is there a user manual?

● Yes.

Download it right here. 

Butt Baby Seat User Manual.pdf

Is there an instructional video?

● Yes.

Play it right here.

How to use the "Butt Baby-Seat"

What is our shipping policy?

● Butt Baby Seat offer Free Shipping within 2-4 working days, Via BlueDart Air.

● If your BlueDart Pin Code is not serviceable than we will deliver in 5-7 working days

● All the necessary shipping and tracking details will be provided on the customers registered WhatsApp number.

● Once your order has been shipped out of our factory, regrettably, we have no means or authority to guarantee a timeline for delivery. We are not Liable for Logistic Delays.

● No changes in address, contact number are possible there after. If the shipment fails to be delivered due to customer unavailability or incorrect/incomplete information provided and returns back to our warehouse, re shipping the shipment will be a paid service.

●There is no option for cancellation/refund in the event of shipping delays or failed delivery.

What is our Return Policy?

  • Butt Baby-Seat is committed to deliver to you high-quality, thoughtfully-designed premium products. However, if you happen to receive a damaged product or the product that you did not place an order for, we initiate a pick-up and deliver a brand-new product at your doorstep. These orders cannot be cancelled

  • For damaged products, please kindly mail us within 72 hours of product delivery with images and we will get back to you.

  • However, if you receive the product in perfect condition and you do not like it and wish to return our product due to any subjective / unknown reason you may initiate a return request by writing to us on our WhatsApp number – 6289295008  within 10 days of order delivery  and we will arrange a pick-up for the same and Refund you the Full Amount.

  • Kindly pack the shipment just the way how it arrived, it needs to be packed in its original packaging with the manual. A fee will be deducted if all are not sent also click a small video while handing the product over to the delivery agent. This video needs to be sent to us over WhatsApp. Once we receive the product, we will run a quality control check and refund the full amount by within 15 days.

  • Any damage to the product will disqualify you for a refund and we will not be able to re-ship the old product back to you.

Can i purchase The Plastic Mould insert separately ?

Yes. You can purchase the Plastic Mould Insert separately. Please contact our customer care number for more details.