About Butt baby

We are parents to two baby girls, Meera and Shloka. We will not lie, parenting these little ladies has driven us crazy but has also brought a lot of good out of us…

We faced a lot of issues when we wanted to carry them, comfort them, and do a lot of things on the go …but we just couldn’t.

Ask us why?

We love taking our kids outdoor and we love open spaces. Travelling with kids has just made us carry more and more and enjoy less and less but all these problems didn’t let the love for ease fade.

We just could not find the right carrying solution for our babies.We looked all over and were still unable to, and this lethal combination of frustration and the urge to simplify it made us take matters in our own hands.

Hence the birth of The Butt BabySeat

We believe in simplicity and ease…Nothing beyond!