Our Real Story

Our Real Story

There is no better teacher than failure and there is no better experience than learning. Times are tough and we have seen bad days. The year 2020 covid hit us hard and we struggled with a lot of things. Not only work got hampered but we were facing troubles even managing kids. We were new parents and were lost.

We knew inside us that times have changed and nothing will be like how it used to be and the best way out of tough times is adapting to change and bringing about innovation. 

Hey there, 

We are parents to two little ladies and we came up with Butt baby to put an end to all our troubles with baby wearing and toddler carrying. 

In the current scenario, I feel giving birth was much easier than raising kids, from being sleep deprived ourselves to putting the kids to bed on time. From struggling meal times to clingy toddlers, who never want to be let down. It's been a roller coaster ride but we believe that amidst all this chaos the joy of carrying and bonding with your baby should forever remain. 

We tried everything, from prams to strollers and all the existing baby carriers but nothing worked for us 

The constant struggle of backaches, neck pain and full feeling arms, the shifting of the baby from side to side just to alleviate the numbness and to add to this the complicatedness of the existing carriers just drove us to the brink of crazy and made us find a solution to this major problem. 

The Butt-Baby Seat is your go to if you want to carry and comfort your baby and yet be able to do everything without compromising on anything. Be outdoors with your children or just baby wearing at home this is the most versatile solutions for all the situations. 

Our carriers will last you till you have an independent child who can walk a long way be it an amusement park, zoo or just at home because your child wants bonding.
Slings and strappy carriers is something your child will outgrow and they would just get packed and lie in the loft. At one point you yourself will get tired of all the complicatedness it comes with and give up resorting to poor posture and body pain.

The best part of this baby carrier is the inbuilt diaper bag, not only does it offer ample storage space but a convenient place for every possible thing.It gets converted to a sling bag when not in use , you don’t need another bag to carry your carrier as it comes with a foldable shopping bag within. Compact and easy.

You can put your baby on and off whenever you desire without the trouble of strapping back and forth. Your one arm is gently supporting the baby at all times. The child can change multiple positions and so can you as per comfort. The child is up and viewing yet very close to your heart.

Is anything more satisfying than this? 

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